Travel Blogs

Other upcoming travelblogs that I selectively had selected to write are as follows. I dnt write blogs to every countries I went. Only those I have things to share.

Loves In India – India trip with my colleague, Hans to attend our colleague’s marriage in North India. 23rd to 27th Dec 2010

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam which was my co. gathering trip – 14 – 16th Dec 2012. For this, I only wrote selected parts of the journey which I find it interesting to share.

London Manchester Paris Switzerland – My solo adventure to these dream places of mine. To go there has been in my head since 8-9 yrs ago and it worsen since 2 yrs ago. And here I go… 8th Feb to 21st Feb 2013.

Other Countries – This consists of places which I had the chance to be there since I was small. There are some aspects which I remember from the trips which I will share a small portion of it. Others are mainly pix links to my facebook page, and vlogs.

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Taste Buds

Taste Buds is random and has no purpose of direct advertisement. It is for me to practice writing and say what I wanna say… Listen to “Brave” from Sara Bareilles.

Ducks..Cakes..Pasta and all…

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Me as Shakespeare

Me as Shakespeare…

This is just my own thoughts in rhyme with my heart beat…

It is meant as a practice for me to write so no one can depict it in detail. And well, I was that literature student who learnt Macbeth throughout my high school years but ended up not actually understanding their dialogues. Thou shall be, shall be hold u..

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Bona Fide

This page is mainly for special reviews on places I went or whoever I met which excites me.
Recently, it is the Grease The Musical. I foresee few others coming up and will share it here. So, my travel blog is like a journey blog.



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