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Hey there…I had set this blog since the actual contents of the “Loves In India” travel blog originated from my travelblog.org page published in Jan 2011 was gone, vanished. Travelblog.org has been reflecting error page. I can’t afford to lose any of it cos that is the best description write-up I hv done in my life before the Mayan had predicted end of the world. “Loves In India” blog had a hit of around 300+ viewers which is awesome for me. Well, normally, I only wrote for my teachers as compositions and thesis during my sch life (which are basically not real life stories) and my private blog (so no one can see). So I decided to transfer my one and only travelblog – Loves In India here. Luckily there is a record of it in my email. It is one of the best experiences and still is now which I can’t stop myself from sharing it here.

I think my travelblog had turned into a journey blog as at 19th May 2014.

Anyone of you would like me to write about you or you would like to contribute an article related to travels including to outerspace, please ping me.


Travelblogs that I had selectively selected to write are as follows:

Loves in India…the first ever visit to attend my colleague’s wedding and we encounter with great adventures and people during our journey. 23rd – 27th Dec 2010

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam which was my co. gathering trip on 14 – 16th Dec 2012. For this, I only wrote selected parts of the journey which I find it interesting to share.

London,Manchester,Paris,Switzerland is my first solo adventure. That magical dream.8th Feb – 21st Feb 2013

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