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This page was created to review/share on my personal real life experiences. Not everything, merely those interesting and peculiar ones. It is for non-commercial purpose. Basically more like “I am so excited to tell you this. I AM SO EXCITED TO TELL YOU THIS!!”.










Picture Source: Juz-B Facebook. Follow JuzB at

Juz-B #Acapella performance was solid and we truly enjoyed the entire show. Their voices had me hooked the entire time. Their wit and interactions with the audience were an addition to their true showmanship !! Congratz guys!! So proud of u all Hafis,Hamzah and Shahril and definitely with the other members for the 20 yrs journey!!

20 years ago I knew nothing about the existence of Acapella. Until, a group of my good looking schoolmates guys performed on our school stage for any concerts that we had in school for a number of times. Apart from performing Acapella, which was appealing to me as it is music that came out from the mouth instead of instruments, I still remember several other types of performances they were into. Such as boyband with guitars playing hit songs and one of it that I could not forget till now was the Silat performance to M Nasir’s famous song,Mentera Semerah Padi. By the way, Silat is a martial art practised in S.E.A encompassing the Malay Peninsula and Archipelago. While M Nasir is one of the legends who composed hit unique songs. Okay this is out of the context of Acapella. Now back to Juz-B.

Then one day, we were informed that they were part of Channel-U’s Superband competition and had successful tapped into the Chinese entertainment industry and established audience interest mainly by singing Mandarin songs in Acapella. It was a unique exposure for their brand as none of them are Chinese/Chinese speaking and they had made it with their talent and brave enough to explore into something different.

I had no chance to watch their live performances after graduating from high school until recently. I kept in touch with their explorations solely through media and friends. Their determination had brought them to places and won awards in Asian Acapella Festival, Asean Summit and other arenas worldwide.

I have been looking forward to watch them perform live on the real-life arenas since years back however I had no opportunity. Few years back, I was at Pluto for some personal missions myself and mainly was not in contact with some parts of the world. When Noorafida, my NPCC squadmate informed us that they will be having a concert in Dec, JuzBelieve, I immediately respond ‘Yes Lets Go!!’. I knew this will be the best opportunity! On the other hand, as you know how I am obsessed with Pitch Perfect and its Acapella related storyline that I had watched it nine times, I would not want to miss this live Acapella performance by Juz-B, rite!

I was really stoked with JuzBelieve concert and every members’ performances and voices. They were really over the top. I am giving an overall score of 200/100… Yes! I am not kidding. The harmony was full of energy, clarity of every beats, performance was with genuine determination and soul. Everything was produced and arranged professionally and the entire performance was very solid. The moment they started the concert with the opening number, Chandelier by Sia, they had stole 100% of my full attention and that it is. I was glued to every moments. The songs choices were all up to beat including two Mandarin songs, an Indonesian classic, and the closing set was my favourite “We are Young”. When each of them lead their own songs, every single of them carried it well with their own personal charm and charisma that it all suits their personality and voice suitability. The ballad, the raps, the Usher type, and the high notes. Their genuine wit and attachment with the audience was an addition to their natural showmanship. My jaws hurts.. wait should it be jaws or cheeks? Anywayz..

Short snapshot of Juz-B performance yesterday, 5 Dec 2014, at Esplanade The Recital Studio, Singapore. This is a single written by one of their members, Martyr. He said that initially the song was written as a love song, however it ended up as patriotic. I was glued to the compact lyrics and heartthrob track. “Singapura Satu”. Juz-B main members comprises of Dee,Fizz,F1,Jules,Ryan and Martyr.

If they ever fix any concert again in the future, I will definitely go again. Not wanna miss it. They totally crushed it!! When it ended, I feel they should sing additional 2-3 more songs. I cannot get over the vibe. It was like watching five concerts into one. I think they should be featured in Pitch Perfect 3 when the Bellas compete worldwide. Just saying…

Personal congratulations to Juz-B for all these years of determinations and effort, and being truly humble and cool still after those successes. Looking forward to more of your successes in the industry!

In addition, it was a great pleasure to be with the awesome great company whom we have known one another since 20yrs ago, my NPCC squadmates, Noorafida, Ratna and Jiamin. It was an awesome nite! Finally, our secrets of 20yrs revealed in one nite. #secrets

Oh btw, I won this cap, Yo! (as u know I love caps!) made by one of the members,Martyr, who owns his own brand. Its ‘reflection’ and a skyline of Singapore. Why I won this? I overcome my shyness and bravely went to stage to answer a “VERY VERY DIFFICULT” question. “Who are the current Juz B members who are the pioneers of this group?” Something like that.. Checkout my answer here… hahahhaa


Video Contributor: Princess Noorafida
Pictures Contributor: Princess Noorafida,Min Min and me.



1329270087346442993gol bow png-md



While writing this I am still stoked and is experiencing withdrawal symptoms. The final show of Taylor Swift’s Red Tour Concert is still in my brain and palpitations. The concert was held on 12 June 2014 and it was the second show for Singapore. Basically this write-up is to share on the whole experience of my first ever concert. I have never been to a concert except for live bands kind of performance in a relax atmosphere where people sit and enjoy their dinner, listen to music and date each other.

Why I have never been to a concert? Cos normally I fancy one or two songs from the artists. Not the entire album. So defeat the purpose, right.

Yesterday, I felt like I belong to a secret society. Me wearing Taylor 13 Jersey and surrounded by Swifties everywhere starting from the start of my journey at the train station. It was simple to identify Swifties yesterday. Just check out their shoes (Keds), Taylor Swift t-shirts, cat ears headband, creative designed t-shirts, arms and hands marked with lyrics and no.13 or/and those in red shirts. For the first time in my life, I did not really care or cringed when someone wears the same shirt as mine. We just smiled at one another. Long Live Swifties!!

Once Hans and I reached Kallang Leisure Park, Swifties were at every corner of the mall. The queues to enter the stadium were extremely long filled with Swifties atmosphere and smiles. Taylor’s songs blasted through the stereos and Swifties chanting every bits and pieces of the lyrics feeling the vibe of the concert. Official merchandise and sponsors/partners such as Keds,Toyota,Cornetto etc were everywhere.

Let us flashback on the journey to be part of the audience. Obtaining Taylor Swift’s Red Tour Ticket was not easy. I mean for me and a number of Swifties I met. The tickets were sold out for 12 June show in less than one hour. It took me decades waiting for the website to load and my last attempt was to purchase at Singpost. However, it was too late.

The next choice I had was to join Cornetto’s ice-cream lids codes redemption and lucky draw contests. I am not the type of person who does all these however this was an exception. I had forced my family and colleagues to eat Cornettos. Unfortunately, I won nothing except for last 2 days unexpectedly (Guitar Picks and I-Phone amplifier). Can you imagine how many ice-cream cones were consumed though I only had 4-7 pcs.

I really salute Swifties who were determined to collect piles of it. Shoutout to my Telegram Swifties who won through Cornetto contest. I did not give up so I decided to join Keds Instagram contest which we had to take photos of our Keds shoes. I had spent two hours taking something like professional photography of my new polka dots Keds and photoshop it as if I am a pro thinking that the more I submitted the higher chances of winning. Well, the ‘extra’ smart part of me did not read the terms and conditions. Thanks to Evangel (Telegram Swifties chatter) for informing me of the terms when I passed my Cornetto lids to her. It was a sweepstakes not based on quantity submitted or how professional the photos are. Anyway, Congrats to Evangel for winning the contest.

In the verge of giving up, three weeks before the concert I received a surprise email invites from Sportshub which I thought was a spam. Guess what? I literally managed to purchase the tickets and seats that we had been aiming for. Though we could not get the first choice near the main stage, our second choice beside stage 2 was an awe. My sis-in-law and Hans thought I managed to get the tickets by threatening or rob those people to give it to me.. What? Do I even look like a gangsta?

Let us get back to the actual concert day moments. Waiting for someone whom you are anticipating for and the main reason you are there is such a thrill. It was like finding a rocket to head over to the moon (I know, this does not rhyme). We were at our climax of excitement and anticipation.  The crowd screaming ‘Taylor Taylor’ and the lit up colourful LEDs surrounding the whole stadium enlighten the heated atmosphere. Beautiful creative designs by Swifties dressed up with lights and lit up outfits animate the darkness.

When the ‘Queen’ finally appeared gracefully with her opening song ‘State of Grace’, the entire stadium went wild. The crowd vigorously screamed and everybody at our category including me stood on our seats. I pity my concert partner, Hans (the one who was my India trip travel partner). He was tall that he courteously did not stand on his seat in respect of our back row audience. I feel so sorry for him that he did not really enjoy the show. Well, we could not blame anyone on this. The ushers might like to instruct everyone not to but if hundreds were doing it, it will drive them nutz. Even though one’s views might be distracted by the signs/posters infront, that day seems like not the day to tell anyone not to do so. Everybody seems to be enjoying the show their own way. We literally need to adjust. Anyway, I just danced and sang loudly throughout the concert on the chair. Mainly, I was focused on Taylor’s performance, I did not really bother about those distractions. Shhhh don’t tell Hans this. Actually, I even forgot that he was beside me.

Besides that, it made a lot of difference whether you know the songs or not. Never mind much the lyrics as long as you are familiar. I am glad I had made sure I did my homework by revising the lyrics and singing on top of my voice till my throat soars.

The entire performances were accompanied by the talented and hyped band of musicians such as Caitlin, Paul, Grant, Amos and other band members, melodious voice of backup singers and dazzling dancers. They definitely made the whole stadium blast with enchanting stereo of choreography, bass and solos. Sensational.

One of the best experiences was when I managed to see Taylor live right in front of me during her performance on Stage 2. Though the videos and photos I took was not too clear due to the spotlight, watching her live just few centimeters away (actually metres, I am just exaggerating) from me made me had a severe ‘jetlag’. I could not sleep till 3.30am on that day. Anyway, this explains all my uncontrollable elation, excitement, high spirits and all the related synonyms. That milliseconds of eye contact and me pointing to her “Yes You Are The One!” is a moment I will remember. I have no idea though whether she really saw me. I had tweeted and instagram her before the concert so I guess probably she can identify me, can she? But well, I hope she did and if not no one can ever stop me from imagining she did!! hahaha…

This moment..a bliss..


This was one of the best moments and experiences. I have been looking forward to attend her concert since I fall in love with ‘Love Story’ on 7 Jan 2011 sang by my NPCC ex-squadmate, Huishi during our karaoke session. I was a late adopter in liking Tay since I did not really have time to be engaged with entertainment during my hectic school with work years back. I was captivated with the song that it had inspired me to learn guitar. She appeals to me more since I heard other brilliant songs of hers, following her vlogs and her latest singles from RED album.

I am very impressed with the marketing activities to promote her name, brand, ideas on her merchandise, she just being herself, relationship with fans, creativity, talents and incredible song writing skills. Even her cat, Meredith is such a craze to the fandom.

The aspect that I love about her songs is that though not the whole meaning of her songs relates to me, most of the time I could relate specific part of the lyrics in real life. The melodious catchy music and lyrics will touch your emotions. I noticed that her lyrics is a storyline. There are minimal lyrics repetitions except for the chorus and I had the best time of my life forgetting the words. I still do not understand one factor though. Normally, I get bored with songs easily and will delete it from my mp3 list after sometime. For hers, I manage to endure listening to it. Anyway, I am yet to further research on the reasons.


If you are determined with whatever you would like to achieve or have, believe day you will attain it. It might not be immediate but one day you will definitely have it. When motivational experts told you to ‘Be Focus’, well, that is real and not bullshit. Believe it!! No, I mean not just believe it. Believe in yourself and the One who Creates Everything. I noticed that this law is real.

I am kind of thankful I did not really get the tix at the first time. Throughout the moments to obtain the tickets, I met new people and Swifties, random sharings sessions and chats, practice my photography and Photoshop skills, meeting talented performers such as Nadz and Douglas, socializing, being an emo elmo and ..oh no, I actually need to buy headphones!!

Next time if ever I have the chance again, I gonna make sure I will try to get the seats nearest to the main stage. I don’t care, I will get it anyways. So, as of now I am pleased to say that I am in love with Taylor Swift, and am officially declaring myself a Swiftie.

Shoutout to all Swifties, RedTourSG Telegram Admins for bringing the Swifties together, Swifties from Telegram group (Evangel,Rachel,Yanting), Nadz for the fated meets (all the best for your passion) and Nana Capulet (my high schoolmate).

Special shoutout to my colleagues and friends who have been listening to me everyday about Taylor and this concert!!

See you next time Taylor and Swifties!!

To watch the Vblog (It also consists of snippets of Tay’s performances), check below. The purpose of this blog is for memories keepsakes.


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All Too Well –

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I am sharing this cos I am so electrified with one of the musicals which I recently watched. And yes, it is Grease The Musical !! I went for the 10th May 2014 – 2pm slot which was held at Grand Theater, Marina Bay Sands in Singapore.

Well, this is like the second musical I had ever seen. The first musical was two years ago in Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore. It was about a love story which I was not familiar with but it was a good exposure as I had been looking forward to watch a musical.

Deciding to watch Grease The Musical was impromptu when one morning, I saw a taxi advertisement on my way to  office.  I told myself why not I try checking it out since I am kind of familiar with Grease songs through Glee.  Then, the next factor is who should I go with. When I could not search anyone in my brain contact list, I decided to go alone. I assumed it will be quite an adventure and different. Well, I am used to watching movies alone but not a musical. Coincidentally, my Gleek friends Jezy Jez and Azura talked about it that morning as Jezy Jez will be going with her friends.

On the day of the musical, I was extremely nervous and anxious. I didn’t even understand why. It was not even a date with someone or anyone. hahahaha… sshhh don’t tell anyone.

Anyway, since I was alone, the only awkwardness was I could not talk to anyone since I was sandwiched between two strangers. I could only smile in the dark throughout the show. By the way, if you plan to watch a musical, it will be nicer to watch if it is nearer to the stage so that you could see the actors’ expressions clearly. My seat was at the middle first row at second floor dress circle. Well, initially I wanted to purchase the $85 tix, but then I ended up with the $130 as I guessed it will defeat the purpose if I could not see clearly. That is a good point to note.

Jezy Jez told me that I will enjoy the show as it was awesome. Well, you know me. I still did not believe her. I did not want to have high expectations and then ended up with disappointment. You know like you buy a beautiful pastry and when you eat it, it is awful. Yeah, I guess everyone did experienced that at one point of time.

And then when it starts…

grease copy

Sandy and Danny just turned the whole theater to silence. Their charming voices stole my attention right there and then. I was speechless. They literally had caught my attention.

Sandy is played by the gorgeous Gretel Scarlett, while Danny by the handsome Rob Mills.

cf8951_c189503384f2f99ab54bfb3f113e6dab (Picture from

The first scene acts by the casts were a light to the intro of the musical. Then it leads to one of my favorite songs “Summer Nights”. If you are unsure on the Grease storyline, do research about it.

What had actually stole my heart and engage my emotions throughout this musical? The characters’ beautiful voices, the polished flow in the storyline, characters chemistry and definitely the upbeat songs and stereo sound impact. There were quite a lot of hilarious lines and comedic acts that will rapt your sense of humour. I did not expect this.

Sandy played by the talented Gretel Scarlett was beautiful. I was captivated and fall in love with her voice from the start of the opening musical number. If you have not heard her voice, you can check her instagram. Recently she had uploaded her video singing.

“Summer Nights” and “You are the One That I Want” are my favourite songs. I am not really sure what kind of genre these songs are but I guess since it was in the 1950s, it could be smooth rock and roll or disco. When Gretel sang “Hopelessly Devoted to You”, I was choked (in a good way of cos). She took my breathe away. I felt like it was just me there alone, held in by the surrounding darkness. I have no idea what kind of vocal type or range she has but what I know is that her beautiful stunning voice will awe you. On top of that, she is attractively stunning that you will be charmed.

Surprisingly, I ended up liking “Greased Lightning” and a song played by one of the male casts with his guitar (C,F,G,Am). Probably because those are the only chords I can play efficiently on my guitar. By the way, I could not identify the title of the song. The performances were freshly funky and it rocked the whole stage. I seldom liked this kind of loud type of songs but this seems to be an exception. I love the male casts husky voices and dance moves. Oh and that car, it totally dazzled the Grease brand .

“Beauty School Drop Out” was enjoyable too with those slight comedy,costumes and presentation which out of the blue magnetize my interest.

The other characters that I am fond of was Rizzo (should I use am or was.Cos I am still fond of her). Yeah I know she was mean but she has this character hidden in her as a reliable friend. She is a focus of my attention when she started singing “There are Worse Things I Could Do”. I tried to find out who played this character but I am not really sure. They have two actresses playing for the Australia’s musical. I have no idea who played the one in Singapore. You know sometimes a different cast will play a character at different shows. I think understudy is the word? Is it? That is what Rachel Berry always said. Rachel is the character in Glee who is extremely ambitious to be a Broadway star.

I could not really identify who played who in this musical since the stage is quite a distance from my seat. If you are interested do check it out here I am worried to copy paste their photos here in case of copyright issues.

Oh yeah, I had the chance to ask one of the casts in this musical through Twitter, Elisha Chin. She was so friendly that she replied to me. So cool !! She said she played as Jan or Frenchy at a certain slots, and was in the Ensemble for the one which I was there.

Well, like I mentioned earlier I had to do my homework before this show. The homework I did was a minimal input like drawing a margin on my jotter book (I am using old skool words here). I have little knowledge on those movies played before I was born, so for this I read through the storyline few minutes before the musical starts, and listened to Grease soundtrack and Glee version of Grease weeks before the show. That was suggested by Jezy Jez who is literally a Grease fan.

However, after the show, it seems like I am more interested to know more about the production and talented casts. I guess probably is because I enjoyed the show. This is especially after the lead cast, Gretel Scarlett liked my photos and replied to my comment in her photo in Instagram. I was and am still on cloud nine!!

2014-05-18 14.48.132014-05-11 06.36.56
My excitement multiplies when Elisha Chin liked my photos in Instagram and replied to my tweet. Elisha at times will play the role of Jan, Frenchy or in the Ensemble. I did not manage to see her on stage due to the distance, but I saw her photos. She is very pretty.

2014-05-10 23.01.592014-05-12 23.26.15


Lastly, Eli Cooper is the nerdy and funny guy in the musical as Eugene. I realised this when he liked my photos in instagram.

2014-05-12 09.37.40


This is what I had observed from watching different genres of movies/dramas/musicals. If you had the chance to observe, stories with long lasting impact is normally when they have strong characters’ storyline. They will not merely spotlight the main leads. Supporting characters are given attention and opportunities to shine their roles. This will enliven the plot and attract diversified audiences.



Well, if ever I had the chance to watch Grease The Musical again or any other musicals I will definitely look forward to it. Like for Grease The Musical, the casts are not only good-looking, they are truly talented, professionally trained and could performed graciously.

This without doubt was an interesting and unforgettable experience for me. Next time I would love to venture watching it in other countries where musicals and arts are well-known such as in Australia, Europe, New York/Broadway or wherever. At least, I will have something to look forward to when I travel (Btw, I am looking for penpals from Alaska and New York).

So, if you ever had the chance to watch a musical alone, try it. Silence is at times golden and we need that once in awhile or most of the time. Aha! Probably the limitation is you might be uncomfortable to sing along if you are alone. I don’t know about you, but I could not sing along loudly as I was shy. Did it only in my mind and just tapping my fingers and foot..hahahhaa….


Summer loving happened so fast…I met a girl crazy for me…Met a boy cute as can be….

You are the one that I want…wuhooo hooo…

Okay kay… Have a blissful Summer Nites, babies.


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