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This section is specially designed to invite Special Guest Writers to share their personal experiences during their travel moments and/or poems and motivational articles. Do expect that each of the invited writers will have different kind of observations and will motivate you to strive for your dreams. This is to widen our perspectives and explore that there are more.



Guest Writer: Adriana Kupresak

The effectiveness of social media in connecting us to anyone from around the globe though we never met is as bliss as the snowfall. The first time I noticed her was when she favorited my status searching for guest writers. Then, I discreetly check her travel blog. Her writings consists of different kinds of perspectives and places which I do not have plans to go. It encompasses real-life aspirations and optimism.

An interesting article which caught my attention was her experience volunteering in a country that encountered with natural disaster and its aftermath. This motivates me to communicate with her. Sharing this in my travel blog is as an awareness so that we could treasure our life which is mostly complete with every needs. There are many ways to lend a hand to those in genuine need. And never ever give up though challenges might be a distress.

Read more of it and before that let me introduce you to her,one of the cosmopolitan and stylish women in cyber, Adriana Kupresak.

photo 2Adriana Kupresak
Blogger. Traveller. Inspirationalist

Adriana Kupresak was born in Croatia, raised in Sydney but is 3/4 more Hungarian than Croat. She writes & travels around Europe. former celebrity stylist, has now simplified her existence, or so she claims. Being a self confessed self-actualizer and true to her Aquarian nature, Adriana invests most of her time to intellectual curiosity, philosophy and methods of self empowerment. Highly lively, optimistic and motivated, her writing style is overt and honest. She tells a good story because she creates a good story.On the forefront, Adriana sits on a female empowerment plan which epitomisers that you don’t need anyone but yourself to make your dreams come true.

Follow Adriana at:

Balkan Floods: Gunja, Croatia
Read here



Guest Writer: Joe T.

I would like to thank my first Guest Writer who is an avid traveler who shares his experiences, knowledge and enthusiasm through writings and seminars. We knew each other during our Polytechnic days. I remember clearly when he first approached me during an event where our teams were selected to exhibit our small business development project. With his charismatic smile, he came towards me and asked about my team’s business model and concept. Well, who wouldn’t melt if a good looking charming guy approached you like that. Shhh..don’t tell anyone. Anyway, let me introduce you to Joe and do check out on a moment while he was traveling in Bohol, Philippines.


joeJoe T.
An aspiring writer and philosopher.

I may not be a perfect exemplification of a rag to riches person, or an embodiment of success, but my uniqueness comes in the common qualities I possess with reference to the typical population, Such paradox, but true.All my writings stems from observations and reflections of other individuals and their actions, and that other individual, is you.

Follow Joe at

Travel Moment in Bohol, Philippines
‘What It Means To Be Honest’…Read Here




Guest Writer: Lloyd Grey Adejubu

Lloyd Grey Adejubu – Blogger. Traveller Poet
I came across Lloyd’s poems in Tumblr. He has these variations of realms in his poems. And one of the poems that I love is The Female Machine. After one year, finally we got to communicate with each other again and thank you Lloyd for sharing your loves of words in my blog.

avatar_2c75ead5ba4d_128Lloyd Grey Adejubu was born in London England but his parents are originally from Nigeria. He currently studies Tourism as a degree and spends his free time writing poetry. He is optimistic and loves to meet new people. He likes to be stimulated mentally in great conversations and is intellectually driven by self motivation and encouragement to others. His writing style is simple and easy to relate to which helps him to be honest and optimistic towards his audience.

You can find Lloyd Grey Adejubu at

Poem: The Female Machine 
Read Here


Guest Writer: Kavitha V

This plan just came into my mind when I was talking to a colleague of mine who loves to write poems.I told her to just write whatever she has in mind and publish it in the internet platform cos I love her concise poem. Then, I remembered that I have a page in this blog where I act as if I am Shakespeare but it is a page I do not really want people to read. Then, I thought that this will be a great introductory preview and therefore I decided to invite her to write a poem as a guest in my blog.

With that, let me introduce you to my first poem guest writer, Kavitha.

KavithaKavitha V

I am not a writer. The ‘writer within’ comes out when speaking makes me uncomfortable. My writings are casual in any style and about anything that springs to mind. It does not follow any particular structure and doesn’t even bother about grammatical errors are of no consequence to anyone. Short and direct is the nature of my writing. I always have extremes in my writing, cool and hot, soft and hard, love and hatred and the list goes on…
Few of you might be similar to my personality and may like my writing more than others. My writings are not bounded by fame or thrill or enjoyment. But is a vent of my thoughts. The imagination doesn’t expect anything. It doesn’t have any mixed glamour or humour.

My aim is to improve as a creative writer and to publish enjoyable stories for young budding readers.

You can communicate with Kavitha at

Poem: Adjectives and Adverbs
Read Here



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