Poem: Adjectives and Adverbs

Poem: Adjectives and Adverbs
By Guest Writer – Kavitha V | Published in Snixy Swiftz Travel Blog on 11 Aug 2014
All the adjectives are used by her to only scold her little boy and

All the adverbs are used by her to only rule her little boy.

Never sat beside him to love and pat his back;

Never tried to kindle him with the good words she knows

What an enmity could be there between the two?

It’s a cold war between them; between her wish and his dreams;

Her wants and his aspirations; her maturity and his adolescence;

The war of GENERATION gap; that has been on this world since ages long

What right does she have to penetrate his dreams?

Someone tell her how to BRIDGE this G.. A.. P; I can’t; I lost the battle long back
Poem Copyright of Kavitha V
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All Rights Reserved Blog © Siti Sulianah/S.Sulianah
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