Bohol, Philippines

What It Means To Be Honest
(From A Simple Mural Spotted In Bohol,Philippines)
By Guest Writer – Joe T. | Published in Snixy Swiftz Travel Blog on 3 Jul 2014

I remember during my annual reflection trip at Philippines in Jan this year,
While being driven around in Bohol,
I came across a mural just along a busy street,
That wrote something about being honest.
I couldn’t remember what exactly it wrote after,
But I knew it created an impression within me.

Its been months now,
Yet the vision of that mural, mainly the words,
Kept replaying in my head,
And yesterday,
I took 20mins and finally found the picture online (ironically, there was only one picture taken of it, what are the chances really).

Tonight, I wish to share the words written on that wall.
A simple verse, that struck me so deeply,
About the simple act of: Being Honest.

I share in the capacity of a free thinker,
Who finds the words meaningful, and worthy of a reflection.

Many years, we have grown and live in our society,
And in the midst of chasing our dreams, and competing to be the best,
Have we all but forgotten how it is to be honest?

Should we jettison our honest dispositions,
Just because others: are not; will not; or cannot be honest?

Its not all about tit for tad,
But rather about holding steadfast on our beliefs.
To believe that as long as we live honestly,
We will be able to answer to our own conscious,
And sleep a little better at night.

To Walk Honestly, So That You Can Walk Securely In Life.
Be Honest For Yourself, Not Others.
That I Guess, Is All It Matters.

Something For Your Deeper Reflection Tonight.

Article and Pictures Copyright of Joe Tan.
Profile of Joe

All Rights Reserved Blog © Siti Sulianah/S.Sulianah

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