Poem: The Female Machine

Poem: The Female Machine
By Guest Writer – Lloyd Grey Adejubu| Published in Snixy Swiftz Travel Blog on 29 Nov 2015

She sleeps then she works she works than she sleeps.

Her passion and desires her long days make her tired.

Her life is complicated but can sometimes be simple.

She does not always have the time for special people.

Do not call but you can send a text her priority is what she has to do next.

She must win the race she must always be in the right place.

The tactical thinking can sometimes lead to drinking but she has to put in the time or else.

She spends most of her time by herself.

Yes she is fine but she does not have the time.

She glides through the streets into those hardworking doors.

Being on the way to work she already sees the flaws.

The dedication to her education carries her to the station.

Hard work pays off.

Stupid friends will get their names crossed off.

But she still remains soft.

Her stress will lead to success she will look her best when she is in that dress.

The real definition of real ambition

She is motivated but do not get her aggravated she is a machine that is why she is not frustrated.

Life is what you make it and there are many like her who will not fake it.

Poem Copyright of Lloyd Grey Adejubu. Shared with Permission.
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