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This page is meant for non-long version of write-up blog of the specific countries which I went before. I will highlight the important parts for sharing. Pictures will either link to my Facebook page or vlog to my Youtube channel.

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TAIWAN (17-20 Dec 2015)
The Taiwan trip was a calm and comfortable.

HONG KONG and MACAU (Jan 2015)
This was a company retreat trip. This time we made it Free and Easy (F&E) concept. So, 95% of the time I was alone which I kind of enjoyed it anyway. I don’t know why though.

I kind of like Hong Kong and Macau which I did not expect. One of the plus points of this trip was its cool weather. Chill to walk around without the heat scorching through my soul.My chance to make use of my winter jackets, shawls,beanies and boots which are my favourite attire.

Macau was calmer from my perspective and I love the Venetian Hotel. Its Frenchie styles and not many people around. Senado Square and St.Ruins Paul were packed with tourists however, I still find it comfortable. The views are great for photography too.

Hong Kong and Macau are very convenient and you can rely on their public transportation.It seems like even if you are lost somewhere, there are MTR and buses that are directly linked to your destinations. I admire the system where one need not push around to enter the buses. Queuing according to the lines segregated for the specific buses is more matured for me.

Shopping wise, I could not find anything that attracts me at that time in Hong Kong. Designs wise are not as our/my style it seems. Price wise is either same or abit costly than Singapore’s. However, I did bought some clothes in Macau. Disclaimer: This is from my perspective and my style. Maybe you all might like the ones in HK. Peace yo!

Food: For the first 2 days, I only had Pizza Hut’s pasta and pizza as the Halal food restaurants which I did researched in advance are located abit further away from main Kowloon area. I tried the Halal food in Kowloon on my third day for lunch and dinner. The first one was Islam Food located in Lung Kong Road. Here is the DIRECTION and SNAPSHOTS of the lunch I had tried. There are lots of choices in the menu however since I was alone, I had a hard time finishing what I had ordered. So, no chance to try other selections.

For dinner, though I was still full from the lunch and coffee at Main St.Cafe,Eaton Hotel, I had no choice but to eat as I did not have ample time to try their cuisines anymore. That was the last day of my trip before I fly off next day.
Ma’s Restaurant at Cheung Sha Wan Road is located near Prince Edward Station. Here is the DIRECTION and SNAPSHOTS of the dinner servings.

Frankly, I had a hard time finishing all of the above as I was alone and it is like double my normal servings. Don’t waste food though. Remember the people who are starving in other countries. We have to be grateful with the abundance of food here!

In Macau, there are two Halal cafe/restaurant in Venetian. So, it was easier to have my lunch during that time. Pita Pan, at Venetian Shoppes area. By the way, do check out the night view of Hong Kong bay area from Kowloon. It is beautiful. Hong Kong is quite safe. Anyway, do not take things for granted.

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The heat during the time I went was about 42 degree celcius. This is one of my dream places to go.And the purpose to here was for work. I managed to dropby the Arabian desert. Tried hopping onto the camel and made frens with a beautiful ambitious Pakistani girl, Lyba.She shared lots of interesting stories and that made me felt more comfortable when we had dinner in the camp. Dune bashing is a nice experience. I tried mainly the Indian style food cos I stayed with an Indian family. It was a nice experience staying with family other than my own for about 2 weeks. I have never experienced that. Basically, culture of working is abit different from my own country. Distance to travel is extremely far from Dubai to RAK.Anyway, it is a desert country, so, it will have a different view than normal. I love the infrastructures in Dubai which is unique. The shapes and its steel made made it look more elegant. The shopping centres such as Dubai Mall and Mall of Emirates is huge and by means of huge is 5 to 6 times more than my country’s. I guess it is their space availability. Just be prepared to walk from their train station to their malls. Its as far as 20mins walk though there are escalators. Be prepared to shop and lost your ways too. Their prices seems to be abit lower than here. Anyway, do try the cheesecake from the Cheesecake factory in Mall of Emirates/Dubai Mall, I cannot remember. It is awesome and creamy!!

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Vlog – To watch directly from Youtube http://goo.gl/yCGgSa
I forgot to mention that Langkawi’s population is only abt 100k people. 70k are locals from Langkawi while the others are from different states and countries.So, you will notice that the places and malls are not jam-packed.Enjoy those moments especially if your country is the butter-packed type.

For taxi booking svs in Langkawi, u can try this guy Fakhrul.He is recommended by several TripAdvisor’s reviewers so I tried to engage his svs.He will also explain to you like a tour guide.Thatz the plus point.Contact No.017-4858568.

CAMBODIA(Feb 2014)


NINGBO, CHINA (Oct 2011)



This island is secluded, calm and quiet. Hotel and environment was good. Activities were mainly in the hotel compound and beach. Swimming, rifle shooting, golf which you should try, archery and relaxation. http://goo.gl/NCSAJ8



This was one of the best places in Medan. The crater of an extinct volcano. It was a cool place and away from the busy areas. The only problem is the distance to travel by bus from their Medan town to here was extremely far and take around 3-4hours.

BANGKOK, THAILAND (Yr 1998 and 2004)
Bangkok is the best place for shopping.They have wide range of things and affordable or cheap.Weather is extremely hot so be prepared. The first time was a high school excursion for Geography. The second time was when I won 2nd in a lucky draw during my company’s dinner event.

This is more to beach leisure place for sea activities.

This was my favourite place. It was during my high school excursion. It was at the top of the mountain, cooler than Bangkok and we had to take an antique train where there are lots of local students who are pretty and friendly.

PENANG, MALAYSIA (Primary School time around Yr 1989-1994)
Try their Nasi Kandar as this is where it originates.

MELAKA/MALACCA, MALAYSIA (Primary School time around Yr 1989-1994)
I prefer their portuguese historical areas. Been there a few times. Please do try their Chendol.It was good years back, I am not sure now.

GENTING HIGHLANDS, MALAYSIA (Primary School time around Yr 1989-1994)
This was an interesting place if you like the cold and theme parks.


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The Hotels that I listed below are the ones I love most during this trip. I will highlight only those that are worth it and which I like and can remember the good experience during my stay.
HONG KONG – Novotel at Nathan Road, Kowloon Hong Kong
LANGKAWI ISLAND – Berjaya Langkawi Resort
SIEM RIEP,CAMBODIA – Empress Angkor Hotel
BANGKOK,THAILAND – Baiyoke Sky Hotel


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