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Taste Buds page is something which came out from my mind awhile ago. I have some stuffs to share so the random thought seep in, that is to publish and comment on food which is appealing to me. Definitely,I am not gonna share with you here what I always eat. Only those special ones and has a positive impact on my specifically my taste buds. And this is not an advertisement page.

Beautiful Cakes and Its Smiles (Cakes by thirty.tea)
Ducky Duck (Duck Noodles in Wox St.,London)
Duck Pasta (Duck Pustaneca at Badoque Cafe,Singapore)

Beautiful Cakes and Its Smiles…

(Explored since Yr2008)

I am a fan of the cakes she made. Simply because initially I fall in love with her…hah..no not her, I mean the cake she made called 3C. 3C stands for Cheese,Chocolate and …OMG, I forgot the other ingredient!! Dang it!! This is the problem why I didn’t continue baking cakes cos the last time I made,I did not include flour. So, it ended up as a flat cake. Don’t blame me!! Itz the recipe problem, not me!!.. Okay anyway, I will find out what is the other ‘C’ from her.

The pix below is the recent cake she gave me. I dnt exactly know why she gave it to me. Well, although I dnt celebrate Valentine’s Day, since it falls on the day, I would assume it is just for it. Have you heard of Pink Velvet? Okay, well then…this is my first time. If you like something which is creamy and the cake itself is puffy in a correct way, you should try this. It is moderately sweet. And the topping is just a simple swirl of cream cheese frostings with pink beads. She might be able to design as per your requirements. The last time I told her to make cupcakes for my friends’ bday she designed it with my frens’ names and with other designs beautifully. I had also engaged her to make a beautiful and delicious engagement and wedding cake for my brother. And oh, recently, there is this new thing which I just ordered too for someone. Red Velvet Crinkle. I don’t know about your expectations in cakes, but for me, I prefer to buy cakes to give as gifts. So, I would like something which is gorgeous, quality and delicious. I do love cakes too but I will embrace it more if it is given as a gift to me. :))

Check all the pix below…

And you can follow her from her website: https://www.facebook.com/thirty.tea


Pink Velvet by thirty.tea


Pink Velvet by thirty.tea


Customised Bday Cake By thirty.tea


Red Velvet Crinkle by


Ducky Duck

(Explored on: 17th Feb 2013)

I love ducks. I mean if it is alive, I love the yellow ones cos they are damn cute. But if it is food, I love duck rice and ducks meat. I have not tried other kind of stuffs with duck. However, last year when I was exploring London, I found this aca-awesome and delicious duck noodles. Yes, I didn’t found it in China (yeah, cos I thought China will be the best place to find this kind of stuffs).

I was walking in the cold February towards a destination I have no idea where cos I lost my way. While walking, I saw a Halal Chinese shop. At first I decided not to have my meal there as I had challenged myself not to eat any Asian food during my visit in UK. You know, I just wanna try how it feels like. Howeverrrrr, I decided to reverse my steps when I saw the word ‘duck’ on the restaurant’s entrance menu. Even though I was not actually hungry though itz already 1pm, I decided why not!! The place is simply not too spacious but comfortable. It was clean and tidy. During that time, there were only four customers including myself. Till after halfway through my lunch then a few other customers came in. There are lots of other Chinese food choices there that caters to your appetite.The customer infront of me ordered another serving of rice after he ate noodles.

The pic below is the duck noodle I found in London.It is like the best handmade noodle. The ducks are in large pieces and alot. Eating it freshly cooked in a cold weather will definitely increase your appetite to its appeal. I could not stop myself to compliment the gal who was managing the shop about the noodles and ducks size. She is from China and was extremely friendly that you will definitely feel at ease.

Location: WOX Noodle Bar at Spring St. It is near Paddington Station. But I saw online there is another branch in Irving St. Go check it out!! Wuhooo…


Duck Noodle… at Wox St. London


Duck Pasta

(Explored on: Dec 2013)

Another duck related food which I found recently was in Badoque,Singapore. This is one of an established cafe in Singapore. The first time I had dinner here was last 2 years with my Princess friend. It was quiet and lesser choices in the menu.

But this time when I came back, I was surprised that the cafe was full house. Luckily, we reserved our seats. What I love most is the vast menu choices that made me went bonkers. I could not decide what to eat. Anyway, as it is, finally I made a choice. Duck Pasta Puttanesca. The duck slices were thick, fleshy and tasty. The pasta compliments mildly well with the ducks. I could not finish it though I shared with my Sugar Motta and Fairy frens. Not because it was not delicious. The serving is unbelievably alot. Next time, I wanna try their Olio Olio (Aglio Olio). I guessed they have it.

Badoque cafe is located in Simpang Bedok,Singapore.
You can find them at twitter @badoquecafe, Instagram @badoquecafe..


Duck Putanesca at Badoque Cafe


Pictures and Contents All Rights Reserved © Siti Sulianah / SS23


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